GN baby centrifuge for mining showed at EXPOMIN 2016 in Santiago, Chile

GN solids control just finished the mining exhibition successfully at EXPOMIN 2016 in Santiago, Chile last week, we displayed the baby centrifuge at the show, this is the first time for GN to attend EXPOMIN together with our exclusive representative SL Group oil & Mining solutions. A lot of clients showed their interests to our baby centrifuge, which is specially designed for diamond core drilling. We introduce the mini mining centrifuge to the mining market with the purpose as below:

GN at EXPOMIN 2016

1 reduce water consumption , especially when water is very expensive

2 Reduce total drilling cost

3 Save the total cost of solids disposal

4 Environmental friendly, to be a responsible company to the local resident

In some sites only a baby decanter centrifuge is not enough, we need the baby shale shaker to separate the big rocks firstly and reduce the solids content and make the solids dryer, so the centrifuge can work better and the solids discharged will be much drier. The humidity of the discharge solids can be adjusted by the adjustment plate on the big end of the mini centrifuge easily.

GN solids at EXPOMIN 2016

The dryness of the mud cake is acceptable by most of the clients, they can use the truck or cuttings box to transfer the solids directly or dump them directly. The discharged fluids will be reused to save the cost. The water is not clear enough for drinking, the separation cut point is 2~5 microns, most of the solids smaller than 2 microns will remain in the water.

The complete solids removal unit is also welcomed by the potential clients, they like the compact design much. We have the baby centrifuge in stock in Santiago for sale, and not only for sale, we also provide rental service for short period projects.

If you need the solution for oil & mineral exploration, pls contact GN solids control sales.

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