GN Brand-new Factory Ready for Open, Congrats!

As the new summer will come, GN Solids Control, typically the No . 1 Solids Control brand in China, is definitely bringing good news to share, in which GN Solids Control’s brand new factory is ready to open, all of producing machines are well situated including the decanter centrifuge creating line and the modern created ware house.
The new manufacturer is of similar dimension as GN head fraction, which is located in the same market zone, in Dachang Chaobai Industry Area, which is owned by Langfang City, Hebei Domain. The new facility of GN includes an four account office building, the workshop with regard to decanter centrifuge, Vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifugal sends, and ware house intended for finished products and semi completed products and also spare parts.

GN new factory for centrifuge
Typically the ware house is designed in 2 floors, by using an effective elevator, the heavy and big decanter centrifuges could be hoisted into the higher level. By implementing a separated workshop and also ware house of decanter centrifuges, GN’s producing potential of decanter centrifuge is definitely doubled, and the delivery a chance to decanter centrifuge need just one single third time as ahead of.
Look back into the past, in the past 9 years since GN’s establishment, GN has done an excellent job and many landmarks ought to be remember:
Year 2007, GN Solids Control was established throughout Tangshan City, a metropolis in Hebei Province. During those times, GN’s brand was not therefore famous and GN center was much simpler than today.
Year 2008, GN obtained the API Certificate, as well as GN was the first China’s Solids Control company who all got the API Certification.
Later, year after year, GN obtained certificate of ISO, DNV CE, HSE and and so on, many certificates to show GN’s quality and management ability. Meanwhile, GN Solids Control’s producing line expanded in the traditional solids control for the field of drilling waste management, including the decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. And later, the dewatering product and dewatering package, then the solidification unit along with TDU system came out via GN engineer team.

Congrats, GN! And we hope as well as believe, GN will do considerably better!

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