World Famous Shaker Screens

As a leading solids control manufacturer from China, GN Solids Control has been working with providing various shaker window screens for global drilling firms. Shaker screens are very common in North America, specially when the oil price is very low and almost all the drilling companies are trying to cut fee.
GN manufactures over 5000 shaker screens every month, consumers from over 60 international locations are using GN shale shaker window screens to treat mud. Many shaker screens are manufactured to suited for the well know shakers, which means GN provides replacing shaker screens such as alternative screens for Derrick, Mongoose, King Cobra, Venom, FSI etc . GN shaker monitors are divided into 2 varieties: one is steel frame monitors, the other is composite materials shaker screens. GN Number 2 factory has been opened up for a while, composite shaker monitors are manufactured in that factory. Today GN Solids Control has the capacity to provide 15000 pieces shaker screens every month.
Due to the superb separating performance and high-quality of composite shaker monitors, GN Solids Control will get many orders on this. GN Solids America Branch organization also helps to sell a lot of shaker screens.

GN Solids America LLC now is stocking manufacturer shaker screens in Freeport warehouse. GN has broad cooperation with many drilling businesses and trading companies within USA and Canada. A lot of shaker screens , mud agitator, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, Vacuum Degasser, etc. are stocking in Houston, most of them tend to be replacement screens for Mongoose and Derrick.
This year, inside the OTC show, GN Solids America also exhibited blend material shaker screens and metal frame shaker window screens. Many visitors showed great pursuits on GN shaker window screens. Free samples can be presented to clients have large requires.
Besides these cost effective shaker screens, GN Solids America also has many shakers as well as mud cleaners in inventory. Drilling waste management accessories such as cuttings dryers along with decanter centrifuges are also available in GN Houston warehouse.

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