GN decanter centrifuge contribute to across the world companies

GN decanter centrifuge with high quality can contest with US brand centrifuges as well as price is beating US price tag. And GNLW363 14INCH dish decanter centrifuge are working inside worldwide site to help the worldwide companies. GN Solids Control is young corporation in this field but very good in centrifuge production in addition to improvement. We learn from the actual jobsite feedback, learn from the actual International Top quality centrifuge company, we do research, most of us do experiment and we enhance fast. For now, we have 12-monthly sales of over 200sets decanter centrifuge to community market and overseas marketplace. For last year in 2015, we exported over fifty sets decanter centrifuge to Algeria in only one project. Your customer is very happy with GN decanter centrifuge and this also can always be bridge to build more rely on between China product in addition to overseas market.

GN 14inch decanter centrifuge for acrylic drilling project

GN 14in decanter centrifuge is the most common centrifuge which can be used for solids control and drilling waste material management. The centrifuge velocity can be adjusted from lower pace, to middle speed to raised speed.
GNLW363CG is repaired speed centrifuge, with different rate belt pulley, the client could get 2200rpm /2700rpm/3200rpm
GNLW363CG-VFD will be variable speed centrifuge, having PLC VFD control panel, the client can get each acceleration from 0 to 3200RPM by touch screen, easier operation.
decanter centrifuge
GN 18inch decanter centrifuge for solids control
GNLW452C decanter centrifuge along with 1800RPM bowl speed, may be used for barite recovery plus the performance is verified by simply lots of solids control support companies in different site in numerous countries. The function is different, and price is much lower when compared with multi-function centrifuges.
GNLW453-VFD centrifuge is also 18inch bowl dimension centrifuge; the speed can be adjusted via 0 to 2800RPM. The consumer may choose this unit centrifuge as per the bidders’ demand.

GN 22inch decanter centrifuge for fast drilling

GNLW553-VFD centrifuge is 22inch jar size centrifuge. This is major bowl big volume centrifuge can be used for fast drilling. But not many clients choose this kind of model centrifuge.

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