GN Decanter Centrifuge on High Support Frame

In oil and gas drilling industry, the decanter centrifuge can be utilized for barite recovery, ultra fine solids separation and drilling waste cuttings management. Based on the different application and customers’ specific request, GN provides the centrifuge sometimes within the mud recycling system in which the centrifuge is installed on the mud tank. Some clients want to locate the centrifuge on the frame for simple operation and maintenance.


Once the centrifuge installed on the mud tank, it is usually utilized for barite recovery or ultra fine solids separation. Within the traditional mud recycling system, the drilling mud could be treated in series by shale shaker, desander & desilter, decanter centrifuge. 2-centriuge product is now the most popular design that could apply for the barite recovery and ultra fine solids separation. This 2 centrifuge is situated as middle speed model first and high speed second. This is a broadly acceptable layout for solids control system.


With increasingly more rules are released for restricting the release of drilling waste, the drilling companies pay much more attention on maximum drilling liquids recovery. Thus the drilling waste management is granularly entering the drilling industry. Additionally, it request our high speed centrifuge to recuperate the drilling liquids as maximum as possible. Therefore, some companies only get the job done for the drilling waste cuttings separation.


Sometimes the contractor don’t equip centrifuge within the mud recycling system because of cost consideration or low requirement on mud cleanness. The centrifuge service could be supplied by other drilling mud company. The centrifuge having a high support frame is bought in cause it may be utilized for the last stage solids control and drilling waste management.


GN Solids Control provides the decanter centrifuge support frame according to customers’ requirement. Even the customer would request the decanter centrifuge and frame support drawing, they fabricate the frame themselves, also is a great choice for centrifuge service

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