GN Shale Shaker with Mongoose Replacement Screen Stock Available in Houston Warehouse

After the Spring Festival Holiday, GN back to work for a while, the Inventory of the solids control equipment in Houston has already upgraded. The main equipment available right now are the shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. These units are requested very often by the customer once the rig starting for setting up.

The shale shaker stocked in GN Houston warehouse is a type of linear motion vibration mode. 4 panel screens design makes it large working area and long time for the drilling mud stay on the screen thus the cuttings discharged out would be much dryer. It is worthy to mention that the screen matched this shaker model GNZS594E is interchangeable with the original Mongoose screen. Same dimension while the difference is material used. GN’s screen is steel frame which is price competitive than the original ones. The Vibration motor used are from Italy Oli or American Martin, both of this 2 brands are acceptable by The States markets.

The mud cleaner stocked is the model of 1000GPM on capacity with 2 pcs 10 inch de-sander cone and 12 pcs de-silter cones. The under flow shale shaker is the same model with the stocked ones for easy maintenance and future spare parts requirements from the customer.

On considering the request for the shaker screen, GN solids also made inventory for the shaker screen size of 23×46 inch from API 60 to API 230. Right now the stock quantity of the shale shaker and mud cleaner are separately 10 units and 6 units. These units could be delivered within 3 days after the order is placed.

The decanter centrifuge stocked is the new version C type model GNLW363CG. Comparing with the BG model, CG has several upgrades on the designs including the feed tube installation location, the adding of solids discharge block ring which could effectively avoid the cutting gathering in the collection box.

If you have any requirement on the stocked equipment, please feel free to let us know.


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