GN Desander Handle Unit for Oil Exploration Field

West Asia substantial energy enterprise has bought desander, vacuum degasser and mud cleaner from us for solids manage approach. Absolutely, they’ve visited our manufacuturer firstly and subsequently negotiate with us in regards towards the cost tag tag and shipping circumstance. They express the sturdy willingness to establish tiny enterprise with us inside the future merely simply because of our certified gear and competitive value.

The Wonderful components of GN Solids Manage Gear.

1. GN distinctive models of desander are obtainable for recovering the barite, diamond drilling project and separate the solids from drilling fluids. Duplex stainless steel 2205 material and tungsten carbide maximum safeguard the screw from solids harm in an work to hold the lengthy lifespan.

2. GNZCQ270/360 Vacuum degasser has the capabilities for making specific the correct mud weight and removing the damaging gas inside the prevention of attainable blowouts. It absolutely is acquiring a self-contained installation and infrared level sensor to quit the overflow.

3. about usa desander of gnsolidsamerica is really a mixture of solids control, The 10 inch desander cone and 4 inch desilter cone separate the undesired solids by centrifugal force. The bottom desander is employed considering that the drying unit to approach the solids from desander and desilter.

about usa desander of gnsolidsamerica you’ll need to have any solids handle gear information and facts, you really feel no price to make get in touch with us.

More and more factory is want to know solids control,so ,as a facility solids control factory,Gn have good product technical,pls refer to:Functional Pipelines in GN GNMS Series Mud Cleaner Program

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