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The Hi-G shale shaker not only ensured environmental compliance with DTI regurgitation but exceeded the operator?individual in-house target of 80 GMS/kg. A total of 534 bbls of oil primarily primarily based mud wast recovered and Oil On Cuttings dryer had been considerably decreased. It have to be noted that the OOC target set by the operator was net even believed the majority of screens utilized around the shale shaker have been 180-230 mesh. This may be directly attributed to GN shale shaker technologies which permits larger screening capacities in the equivalent size shaker devoid of increasing OOC level. More than the initial there wells, fluid losses overboard equated to 0.085 bbls/ft.

It mud be noted that till the advent of GN Hi G technologies, the common strategy for deal with of OOC was setup a cuttings wash/cleaning program. This was not merely an high-priced remedy. But in some situations an incredibly inefficient one, which in some cases reported greater figures than that being discarded from the shaker. Because it is, the Hi G shale shaker needs minimal supervision. Collectively with its low operation expenses and significant savings in fluid, it is an eye-catching selection to any shale shaker screen plan.

by the way,i must to introduce GN’s Decanter Centrifuge,for it’s very good,GN’s Decanter Centrifuge is a device, which adopts the principle of centrifugal force to separate components of different densities. Decanter centrifuge’s high separation efficiency has been applied in the majority of industrial operations where solids, liquids and gases are merged into a single mixture. ,Instead of visiting several local factory to purchase cuttings dryer and Drilling Mud System have been topping the list of highly sought after solids control relevant.

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