GN Mud Recycling System Used for Drilling Projects

All drilling functions are similar in some aspect such as drilling when one is re-decorating the house and laying the actual pipelines for the water along with electricity inside home, we all use a drill and utilize water as media. The particular function of the water the following is to protect the drill bet and when the water is out, the particular some particles from the wall structure come out with the water. Of course , all of us don’t need to reuse the little amount of water and just remove the dirt away.
To get other drilling projects resemble, just a little bit or more complicated. As the earth’s composition is more complex than the wall and much more hazardous, so when drilling for the gas and oil wells to a certain depth, there has to be professional engineers to make the drilling mud as drilling growing media according to the earth condition plus the mud must be treated well, as well as economically after use in in an attempt to be ready for reuse.

160308 750HP Drilling Mud System
GN Solids Control focuses on providing for those drilling projects the mud cleaning systems including:
one Oil and gas drilling mud systems including all 5 various phases separation, 4 actions solids control, with major equipment like shake shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pumps, submersible slurry pumps, shear pumps and also mixing hoppers, and also the decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. In all, the complete brand for oil and gas solids control.
2 . Mud recycling devices for HDD and CBM. HDD and CBM drillings are also drilling works, the functional principal is similar. Comparing together with oil and gas drilling, HDD jobs need less equipment although comparing with other drillings, HDD need more. GN has typical designs for HDD drillings for different treating capacities.
a few. Other drillings and building works like TBM, h2o well drillings and mining or prospecting.
May you need more information or even need some suggestion for selecting suitable mud recycling system, pls contact GN to find out more.

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