Oilfield Electric control panel manufacturer in China

As one of the most professional solids control and drilling waste management equipment for oil & gas drilling, we use a lot of electric control panels for our equipments, also for the drilling solids control system and HDD & CBM mud recycling system, even for the pressurized VFD control panel for the decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. The delivery time, quality and design from the precious supplier( the top explosion proof control panel manufacturer in China )can not meet our high standard for our international client which should comply with our advanced equipments’ design, so we start a new workshop to produce our own electric control enclosures which with higher standard, better material, faster delivery time and user friendly design, especially for the electric components inside the explosion proof enclosures, we use world famous brand like ABB, Siemens, Schneider.

Actually we start to produce GN solids control own brand electric control panel and positive pressurized VFD control panel several years ago, GN produced VFD control panel for decanter centrifuge and vertical G dryer with the features below:
1) 100% stainless steel material cabinet with 3 motor VFD( main motor, back drive motor and pump motor), sometimes we produce carbon steel material VFD control panel when the client required a cheaper unit because of their budget
2) World famous electric components, the client can replace the part locally, like
ABB, Siemens, Schneider.
3) Pressurized VFD control panel instead of normal Chinese explosion proof control panel for better cooling and performance under high temperature, air conditioner is for option for extremely hot area as the client’s special request
4) PLC smart control with touch screen, HIM automatically control the frequency, speed, differential speed, etc.

5) Compact design, container shipment, telescopic skid is available to install the VFD control panel with the centrifuge in the same skid for convenient transportation.

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