GN Mud Recycling System Working on Jobsite

Several months previous to, GN solids control obtained the order from one household customer for one unit sleek and stylish mud recycling system with regard to HDD, the required the dealing with capacity is 500GPM. GN’s model is GNMS-500GL. At the moment this unit already fantasticly run at 3 internet sites, today we got the picture of the unit working on site.
For all those GN’s equipment, as per the customer’s requirement, GN would mail the engineer to web site for guiding how to set up the equipment, tell the customer just what should be taken care about if operation, and also train the particular clients operator. Below may be the picture of this 500GPM model, this unit is self-contained design with all the stages to get drilling mud solids control and mud mixing & reconfiguration.

The mud tank ended up being divided into 4 compartments such as the shaker compartment, de-sander area, de-silter and mud mixing area. Due to in HDD task, no need to separate the cuttings up to very fine, thus, the particular recycled drilling mud can be reused after the treatment with the de-silter unit. This device is long enough to have adequate space in the mud container to store the active soil.
Various GN Compact mud Recycling System Application
GN is a leading manufacturer associated with solids control equipment within China, no doubt, the necessary oil gas drilling industry is a very important market for GN, the mud system to get oil drilling is tad bit structure complex and large presence. However , in the meanwhile, GN developed various compact framework mud system especially intended for No dig drilling undertaking, coal bed methane pursuit, piling project and small tunneling.
The features of the stream-lined design mud system contains small footprint suitable for area limited working site, straightforward for transportation. The de-sanding offer unit can also be got singularly and connected with the escaping mud tank for expense saving.
Any question upon GN’s compact mud program, welcome to contact us for more price information.

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