GN Recycling Mud Tank System for Southern American Client

GN Solids America LLC is a popular solids control systems along with drilling waste management techniques provider. With the large aid from its parent corporation Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd, GN Solids America LLC is getting perceived by more and more companies via North America and Sth America.
GN just presented one large mud taking system to one client inside South America. This system will be used as a mud herb. Actually, this American clientele has purchased many value packs of shakers, decanter centrifuges in the past several years. Due to the superb working performance and high class, GN solids control machines are harvesting more and more repetitive orders. This large system is including the following machines:
1 . GN Recycling Tank
1 . 1 GN decanter centrifuge
There are two units centrifuges to separate the going fluids. GNLW363 is one cost efficient centrifuge to separate the solids larger than 2 to 5 microns. By using different belts as well as pulleys, GN centrifuge may rotating at different velocity. GN also has variable pace centrifuge which is easily manipulated by VFD control display case.

mud mixing tank-1
1 . 2 GN shaker
GN shakers are using popular vibration motors. Fast alter shaker screens can be achieved by making use of particular wedges. GN additionally owns patent on the shaker screens sealing way to keep your drilling fluids falling without having pass through the screens.
1 ) 3 GN mud trying to recycle tank
GN uses a single mud recycling tank in the size of 40 feet textbox. Control cabinet, walkway along with handrails etc are permanent on the mud tank. two sets of GN submersible pumps are also fixed inside the tank to feed GN centrifuge.
2 . GN Mixing Tank System
This system is composed of 3 mud aquaria which are the same size because 40 feet container.
GN shear pumps and centrifugal pumps are also fixed with these mud tanks to get mixing. Some other products for example GN Mud Agitators, GN Mud Guns, GN Mud Hopper etc are also presented.

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