GN Shaker and Mud Cleaner shipped to Russia

GN Solids Control has been around on designing and production shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, mud cleaners, desanders, desilters and cuttings dryers for several years. All of GN solids control and oil sludge dealing with equipments or systems tend to be widely used in over sixty countries.
With the profound trustworthiness of GN Solids Control, GN also enjoy growing from a small businesses to a leading global nation during the fast development of solids control industry and essential oil sludge treatment industries.
GN Solids Control equipments are very well known in North America, many local drilling businesses are using GN shakers, centrifuges and cuttings dryers. GN equipments and drilling mud system are also very popular within Europe. Last year, GN Solids Control provided many turnkey mud systems for sludge separation. GN equipments will also be selling very well in The ussr.

Although Russia is struggling with the low oil price, the actual depreciation of Rouble assist to save cost when drilling from some degree. Most of the Ruskies drilling companies can still create profit when the WTI price are near 30 usd/barrel.
Within 2014, GN Solids Control established one Russia part company in Moscow. GN also has one Houston part company which is GN Solids America LLC. GN Solids Russia is devoted to supply the best products with the most competing price. Recently, GN Solids Control has provided many models of shakers and mud cleaners to Russia.
Within Russia market, GN Solids Control has many successful tasks using GN solids control and drilling waste management equipments. Many large businesses such as Baker Hughes are utilizing GN decanter centrifuges as well as cuttings dryers for essential oil base mud and produced base mud. Now GN Solids Control also focusing on developing water base mud separation.
GN modular decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer are also using widely within Russia as well as some other nations. We believe more and more equipments to be used in Russia and UNITED STATES.

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