GN Solids Control: Top Manufacturer and 1st API certified in China

Situated near to Beijing China Tower and Beijing International Airport, Hebei GN Solids Control enjoys a convenient location to attract foreign customers to visit GN factory and to established relationship. As the first API certified manufacturer of solid control equipment and system in China, GN solids control has a lot to say on the solids control system and equipment in oil and gas drilling field. Since established, GN has stick to the policy of striving higher quality and better service. With several year’s hard work, GN has also been certified by the CE by DNV. All these certificates indicates that GN Solids Control is a company worthy of trust and reliance.


GN manufactures and supplies solids control system for oil and gas drilling in various depth. In the whole set of solids control system for oil and gas drilling, generally there will be four stage treating equipment including shale shaker(1st stage), desander(2nd stage), desilter(3rd stage), decanter centrifuge(4th stage). Alternatively, the desander and desilter can be replaced by the mud cleaner with the combination of desander cyclones and desilter cyclone. And if the drilling is too deep, two sets of decanter centrifuge will be used. The one is medium speed, and the other is high speed decanter centrifuge. Beside solids control system, GN also supplies mud system for various kinds of drilling, and drilling waste management system for drilling cuttings.


Besides high quality product, GN also supplies considerate service:

Pre-Sales: Free consultancy and design according to clients requirements, provide optimal proposal for individual clients.
After Sales : Guarantee & Commissioning: GN Provide 1 year guarantee and free service for first time commissioning of system and training up clients engineer.
Spare Parts: GN always have spare parts available in stock to ensure fast delivery.

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