GNDC-40A Waste Management System for Russia

GN Solids Control is the first manufacturer for waste management systems which are accepted by Russian market. Just a few days ago, GN has delivered a complete set of waste management system to Russia. Now, GN’s vertical cuttings dryer and its waste management systems are most popular among the end users. Although it is a tough year for all the oil relating industries, GN also sells lots of waste management systems to the clients and receives good feedback.

GNDC-40A Waste Management System

GNDC-40A Waste Management System

GNDC-40A is one of the 2 standard drilling cuttings waste management systems GN designed for different jobsite requests. GNDC-40A is more suitable for the waste management jobsites which are alongside with the drilling rigs, in this system, there is no tank for containing the liquid phase from the centrifuge, and the centrifuge is hosted at a certain height so that the liquid discharged from the centrifuge flows directly to the active tank of solids control system easily. And when matching with an effective set of solids control system, this drilling waste management system could work continuously.

GNDC-40B is another standard design of drilling waste management system designed by GN Solids Control. It is more suitable for the mud companies or somewhere specially for treating the drilling waste cuttings. In some countries, there is no need for a drilling jobsite to have a waste management system, and the drilling cuttings are transported and collected in a special place for further treating. In this case, we use GNDC-40B, which has a tank for the liquid discharged from vertical cuttings dryer and another tank for the liquid finally discharged from the centrifuge.

Besides above mentioned 2 kinds of standard drilling cuttings waste management systems, GN also has the individual modules for waste management equipments, vertical cuttings dryer, high-G drying shaker and high speed decanter centrifuge, each one could be regarded and used separately. In the coming CIPPE Shanghai, GN will show such modules, welcome to come and see.

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