Efficient and Flexible Mud Units for HDD Drilling Rigs

It is known to all that for the oil and gas drilling projects, there must be a solids control system for separating out as much as solids cuttings, but in HDD projects, in many places in the world, the separation unit is not a legal request.

Recently, more and more countries are establishing laws requesting the mud recycling system or mud recycling units, and some clients, although their countries have not yet established such laws, the company owners decided to use mud units for their drilling works, because of below benefits a mud unit provide:

1. greatly save the usage of materials, including water, bentonite and polymer

2. save the drilling cost by lower down the discharge disposed.

3. responsible for the surrounding and environment friendly.

Hydraulic Jackup Mud Recycling System

What’s the main equipments for a HDD mud system?

For a high standard configuration, there are 3 steps separation and 1 step of mixing, the separation equipments include: 1. Shale shaker, 2. Desander, 3. Desilter. In order to save space and make the mud unit more compact, there is always a mud cleaner playing a role as combination of desander and desilter. And mixing system is a jet mud mixer consisted by a mixing hopper and a centrifugal pump for feeding.

Of course, per different jobsite condition and composition of mud, end users could change the solution, some use without desander, some without desilter. And some adds equipments for a further and cleaner separation with a decanter centrifuge and even a dewatering unit.


GN Solids Control is the most professional solids control manufacturer in China who designs and produces mud systems for HDD drilling and other drilling projects. GN has a series of available capacities, not only high configuration, but also economic configuration, from 150GPM to 1000GPM for HDD, CBM, TBM and Piling or water well drilling. For larger rigs in oil and gas industry, GN provides solids control systems from 250GPM to 3000GPM.


In order to enable the systems to be movable and more flexible, GN has hydraulic hoist, containerized and trailer mounted solutions available.

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