HDD usage of mud cleaning equipments

The technology of trenchless digging is developed from directional drilling technology, require very small area of surface for the construction.  it only needs very small inlet and outlet area excavation. All kind of underground replacements of the pipeline construction start adopt this technology for minimum interference of surface have high effect of keep the cost in control.

In 1970’s the technology was developed and now is widely use on horizontal directional drilling, piping, tunnel digging, piping type of detonation are some use this method.  Now are widely use in water supply and drainage.  Laying power, gas, communications lines. Any type of pipeline construction and repair of old pipeline.  The archaeology use this method of digging to minimal disturb the ancient structures.

Hydraulic Jackup Mud Recycling System

Horizontal directional crossing (HDD-Mud Recycling System) technology in oil and gas industry are laying pipeline across waters like river and lake.  The hub of railroad obstacles and areas has important function  that cannot be disturb is obvious using through Horizontal Directional enlarge hole that common diameter of pipe in 1.5 times larger.

The method of solids control principle used in Horizontal directional drilling is the control of mud solid phase technology.  The technology purpose remove the harmful mud, solids and keep the good solids through process on mud filter and cleaning requirements.  The current use of horizontal directional drilling, the recovery mud solids control is system composed from small to large as end user requires.  The choices of mud solids control system is need according the basics in below:


It needs to be clean or inhibit particle variable types and size

It need to be maintain the quality of the mud

The size of ability in drill, removal of solids and operation cycle rate.


Solids control system function as environmental protection system that is requires in every region of the world who are digging in to earth to harvest resource underground.

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