Suitable Mud Gun for Solids Control System

In a complete oil and gas drilling solids control system, there is not only main equipments like shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge, there are also auxiliary equipments that play certain roles in the whole procedure, like the mud agitator, mud guns and mixing hoppers, and also the pumps for feeding including centrifugal pumps, submersible slurry pumps and shearing pumps.

The auxiliary equipments’ performances also affect the treating efficiency for the whole system. GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control manufacturer in China, always sticks to its belief: Quality first, Price second. Even the mud guns, GN Solids Control also provide the best ones.

Mud Gun

GNNJQ series mud guns have following main benefits:

1. for the mud gun nozzles, GN use polyurethane as material, for a better wear proof result and a longer service life. Unless other Chinese suppliers, who mostly use the metal like steel for the nozzle material, Polyurethane is for sure a better choice. Just like the hydrocyclones for desander or desilter, before, the manufactures all use steel ones, but now the high standard solution is the polyurethane ones, the service life is greatly prolonged.

2. GNNJQ series mud guns also suitable for higher pressure condition, its largest pressure is up to 6.4Mpa, which is the standard of high pressure mud gun. GN use this as standard level in order to provide more cost-effective choice for the clients, and of course, the safer usage.

3. the main body of the mud gun is made of national standard steel from reliable supplier. GN Solids Control always buying from large supplier with good reputation.


For other GN products also, like the bearings, GN uses SKF, FAG or NSK, the vibrating motors for shale shakers, GN uses Italy brand Oli or USA brand Martin. And for the design and manufacturing, GN has 10 patents already and another 5 pending. And GN QC department is always serious in inspecting the semi-products and products.

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