GNLW364-VFD Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Chemical Plant

In the fields of physical separating, the decanter centrifuges always play an important role. They are widely used in different industries, such as drilling of crude oil and gas, the waste water treatment, mining tailing, food and beverage industry, edible oil clarifying and animal waste treatment and etc. And chemical plant is another industry using decanter centrifuges. It is really not easy to cite out all the industries which are in need of decanter centrifuges. It is true that centrifuges are so useful and therefore, popular.

GNLW364 Decanter Centrifuge

As one of the leading separation solution providers, decanter centrifuge is one of GN Separation’s core products, among the shale shaker, desander cyclones, desilter cyclones, vertical cuttings dryer, three phase decanter centrifuges, and various pumps. In a word, GN Separation is designer and manufacturer for the separating and conveying equipment, and decanter centrifuge is one of them which can better show a manufacturer’s fabricating capability.

GN Separation Equipment Co. Ltd is located in Hebei Province, China, which is of 2 hours drive from Beijing Airport. It has a large factory workshop of 80,000 square meters, equipped with robot cutting and welding machines, and the for the decanter centrifuges, there are high speed balancing machine and middle speed balancing machines. Each rotating part shall of the centrifuge, like the propeller and bowl, shall be balanced on the balancing machines separately and assembled to ensure the performance.

In a recent project, an oversea client purchased a decanter centrifuge unit including following:

1.A decanter centrifuge GNLW364-VFD together with a VFD control panel. GNLW364 is a two phase decanter centrifuge with a centrifuge bowl of 14 inch diameter and a bowl length 4 times of the diameter. Comparably, it is a longer centrifuge with a clearer separation result. It is an ideal choice for the chemical industry. And its cutting point is from 2 to 5 microns.

2.A polymer dosing unit GNSJY3000, and a screw pump in a set for dosing. The polymer is employed to a centrifuge system when the particle sizes are too small for the decanter centrifuge. Because the polymer need some time to be ready, an automatic dosing is a must here.