Large Linear Vibrating Screen for Iron Ore Client 

When you open this page, you might be attracted by the large linear vibrating screen in this picture. This picture was taken during the factory test in GN workshop before delivery, and after the strict QC inspection, it was taken to the client’s mining plant for the iron ore separation. Here is the links of load-operation at jobsite.

About GN Separation: GN Separation is the sister company of GN Solids Control, one of the leading brands for industry separation solution providers and equipment manufacturers who is mostly focusing on the separation solutions in oil and gas industry, like the drilling solids control systems, the drilling waste management solutions and the oily sludge treatment in a refinery plant. GN Separation is another brand in GN Group, who is also a professional solution provider for separation in environment protection industry, water treatment solutions and also the mining industry.

Mining vibrating screens are one of the core products GN Separation designs and manufactures, and the large linear vibrating screen is one of the 3 types:

1.Large vibrating screens. GN Large vibrating screens are designed for various applications including coal mines, mineral mines, metal mines and also sand and aggregates. In fact, it is mainly based on the requested capacity to see if the client should choose a large vibrating screen. GN has three types of large vibrating screens, large linear motion vibrating screen, large banana vibrating screen and large flip-flow vibrating screens.

2.Middle sized linear motion vibrating screens for classification and dewatering. The structure of the middle sized screens are quite similar as the large linear motion vibrating screens, just smaller in size. And based on the 2 main different applications, GN designed them with a bit differences for a better performance for classification and dewatering.

3.High frequency fine sizers. This type of screens are comparably smaller in size, but they have higher frequencies for fine separation. Besides, they are also equipped with flexible screen meshes instead of screen panels.

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