Mini centrifuge for waste water treatment

The 9 inch bowl decanter centrifuge produced by GN solids control is widely used for waste water treatment for many industries, for example, GNLW223 centrifuge for the compact design 1m3/h oil sludge separation unit to separate the fine solids from oil sludge, GNLW223 centrifuge for the solids removal unit to separate the fine solids GNLW224EP-VFD decanter centrifuge with dewatering unit to separate the ultra fine solids from waste water.


The 9 inch bowl centrifuge is the smallest size decanter centrifuge GN produced, we also have 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, 18 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, 30 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, which are used to separate the fine solids from drilling fluids, drilling cuttings, refinery tank bottom oil sludge, waste oil sludge, industrial waste water, mining tailings, and other chemical mixtures.
The difference between GNLW223 and GNLW224EP-VFD centrifuge:
1) Both of the bowl size is 9 inch, the bowl material is stainless steel 316, and the collection box material is also SS304. The screw material is SS304 by heat treatment up to 1000℃ for longer working life. The screw propeller is protected by the tungsten carbide tiles which is repairable. Same with the big size decanter centrifuge, the solids discharged port and fluids distribution port are both protected by interchangeable tungsten carbide alloy.
2) The bowl length of the GNLW223 centrifuge is 670mm or 26.4 inch, the bowl length of GNLW224EP-VFD centrifuge is 924mm or 36.4 inch, both of these 2 models with 15HP main motor, but GNLW223 series without back drive motor, the GNLW224EP series centrifuge with back drive motor 7.5HP, and the max speed of GNLW223 is 4500rpm, max speed for GNLW224EP is 5000rpm. The gearbox ratio of 223 centrifuge is 35:1, the gearbox ratio of GNLW224EP-VFD is 95:1.
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