Mud mixing system for HDD

GN Solids Control is China primary manufacturer of mud solids control systems, drilling waste management, as well as high quality replacement shaker screen.
GN Solids Control makes a customized mud mixing system per client’s particular requirement. The system has been dispatched to the client 2 or 3 weeks ago. The barite mixing mud system includes down below equipment:
1 . Oilfield skid Mud tank. 1 program
It is a 20ft container measurement mud tank with a couple of compartments.
Each tank drawer is equipped with a mud gun. Totally 2 ea mud guns for the tank.
minimal payments Mud transfer pump one ea. It is a 11kw modest centrifugal pump. The pump can transfer the new combined mud to outside mud tanks or HDD drilling rigs, or drilling mud systems. Often the mud transfer pump will be mounted on the slope from the tank for compact design and style.

mud mixing system
3. 1 ea mud mixing pump and 3 ea mud hoppers.
Typically the mud mixing pump will be the same type with produce pump. They are both centrifugal pump for easy to stock replacement parts.
The mud mixing pump and the mud hoppers are generally combined of a mixing model.
Client wants the unit competent to handle big bag system, they ask for the suspending device for bags. Hoppers are both down at the carpet. So GN Solids Control customized some other oil field skid to be able to mounted all the mixing product and the hanging device.
Typically the mixing pump for mud hopper is 45kw together with 3000-2000 l/min. Normally, its 1 ea mixing pump is with 1 ea mixing hopper. Why there are a couple of mud hoppers but only one ea mixing pump?
Since the polymers are in big totes, they need to hang the polymers bag on top of the mixing hopper when they want to blend polymers. But they do not desire to remove the polymer bag want to read want to add other compounds to the mud mixing system . In this case, many people request an extra mud hopper. When they want to add different chemicals, they can close typically the polymers mixing hopper, in addition to use the backup hopper.


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