OBM Chemical Flocculation System Provided by GN Solids Control

COSL, a large oil field service company belongs to a giant national owned company in China, only focus on the best quality equipments from the reliable manufacturers. Before, they always buy from international famous brands, some are from USA and Europe, especially when they are purchasing highly advantaged equipments.drilling-waste-management-equipment-to-Africa--1

This time, they purchased from GN solids control a complete centrifuge system for oily sludge separation. Comparing with other materials, the oily sludge is more heavy and of less liquidity. That’s why before entering into the centrifuge for separation, the oily sludge need to be treated and dissolved by some chemicals and the polymers would change somehow to be easier treated. After that, they add some liquid into the material to dilute it before entering into centrifuge.

This same model centrifuge is used in many jobsites both domestic and abroad, for the solids control, waste management and oily sludge, some even used for industry fields. By combining with different other equipments, like shale shaker, desilter, desander cones, and vertical cuttings dryer or high-G shaker, this model of centrifuges plays different roles. But for every role it plays, it plays well. As an equipment manufacturer, how does GN achieve this?

1. GN values the customer feedbacks. Depending on different jobsite conditions, the feedbacks are not same. For the same equipment or system, there may be both good and bad feedbacks. In case there is complaints from end user, GN always try best to find a way to better the design.

2. GN is quick to response. Always, the new design will be added to the equipments soon, and tested on jobsite, if it brings good effect, GN will add it in every new product without delay.

3. although the equipments are updated each year, GN tries best to make the main spare parts to be same for main equipments, easy for clients to do maintenance in future use.

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