Oil Based Drilling Waste Treatment System to South America


Recently GN Solids Control shipped 2 sets of oil based drilling waste treatment system to South America, the client has compared many different proposals from USA and China, finally choose GN by considering the company strength, the drilling waste management system experience, the technology, quality, and after sales service.

As the top manufacturer of solids control equipments and drilling waste management system, GN solids control keep growing very fast since 2008.We got positive feedback from our international clients and keep improving our equipments design and performance, until now we already own the advanced technology of oily sludge separation system, Thermal Desorption Unit, vacuum pump, cuttings solidification unit, big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge, F version shale shaker, D version decanter centrifuge, composite material frame shaker screens, etc.
The 2 sets of oil based drilling waste treatment system shipped to South America is our standard design of drilling waste management system, just a little bit change for customized requirement.


The drying shaker is installed on the V type mud tank between the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, when the solids content in the waste cuttings is very big, the fine solids remained in the discharged fluids from vertical cuttings dryer is still very high content, which will be easily block the centrifuge bowl, and damage the centrifuge. The shale shaker with fine mesh screens is used to reduce the solids content and promise the centrifuge a better separation performance.

The electric cradle is used to replace the screen basket of the vertical cuttings dryer, mostly there is no big crane in the jobsite, such design will be convenient to replace the wear parts itself, do not need to pay extra money to lease a crane.
After treated by our drilling waste management system, the oil in the cuttings is lower than 5%.

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