Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Treatment System

The oil and gas drilling solids treatment system is a solidification or stabilization process of the drilling cuttings/ low gravity solids (including sand, silt, clays). The solids after solidification process will be relatively safe to disposal or landfill and hazardous material will not penetrate into the ground to pollute the water source. The solids discharged from decanter centrifuge is mainly ultra fine solids and can not be separated mechanically again, the economic way is to add chemical additives to prevent the hazardous waste from penetration.

The working principal is as below:
The drilling cuttings are dumped into the collection hopper and transfer to mixing chamber by bottom screw conveyor. At the same time, the lime and absorber are transferred by screw conveyor to the mixing chamber, and mixed by the high shear mixer inside the mixing chamber. The mixed solids are discharged from the discharge port, waste bag can be layed at the bottom of the mixing chamber outlet for convenient collection.
GN solidification unit is designed to suit for container shipment for convenient transportation and reduce transportation cost. The moisture content in the drilling cuttings before treatment will influence the performance of solidification unit and influence the consumption of lime and absorber, which is related to the operation cost. If the drilling cuttings is too wet, the user will need to use more lime and absorber, and the working cost of the solidification unit will be too high. The additives can be replaced to others type equivalent as required.
To reduce the moisture of the drilling cuttings, GN solids control also produce high G drying shaker dewatering centrifuge with chemical dosing unit for water based mud drilling cuttings cleaning. GN ViST vacuum screen technology can be applied with the primary shale shaker to reduce the waste volume and reduce moisture.