Oil water separator and oil water separation centrifuge

The oil water separator is a device to remove free non emulsified oil, diesel, gasoline and fuels from a waste stream by using coalescing media. A disc centrifuge ( also known as disc separator) is a 3 phase centrifuge to separate oil and water. Also the 3 phase decanter centrifuge is also widely used as oil, water and solids separation.

Their function is similar to separate oil and water, but working principal is different also the structure is different.
GN oil water separator (short as OWS) with high capacity and easy operation, the disadvantage is that the treatment result can not meet the strict requirement, the main components including OWS main body, coalescing media, cover support beam, openable top cover, oil discharge pipe, feed port, oil outlet, water outlet, sludge discharge. The working principal is that the influent water enters the oil water separator and flows through a tightly stacked bunble of coalescing media. Due to the different gravity, oil decants by gravity into a oil reservoir, the solids slide down the surface of the media, oil free clean water under an oil reservoir baffle to a clean water effluent chamber.


The 3 phase disc separator is design for light liquid, heavy liquid and solids separation, the working principal is by centrifugal force, with the neutral holes of the disc as the interface, the heavy liquid moves along the disc wall towards the outside the neutral hole, the lighter liquid moves along the disc wall into the neutral hole, the heavy solids accumulated in the sediment area, the light liquid and heavy liquid are discharged by the centrifugal pump and the heavy solids is discharged.
The 3 phase decanter centrifuge working principal is also by centrifugal force for the 3 materials with different gravity, especially for oil, water and solids separation.