Oil sludge treatment disc separator

GN produced oil sludge treatment disc separator has been widely used for oil, water, solids separation.
The features of disc separator is as below:
1)Automatically solids discharge
2)Adopt labyrinth sealing, centripetal pump for discharging, outlet high pressure (light liquid), which can be transferred directly.
3)The centripetal pump system has stable output pressure, wide adjustment range and convenient operation
4) The VFD power transmission system with stable operation ,no noise and odor pollution.


5)The fully automatic control cabinet with safety protection device which can directly adjust parameter on the display screen to achieve the best effect of separation and slag discharge.
6)With fully automatical motor protection device
7) The small piston adopts a double piston structure, with large slag discharge and more stable, less power consumption.
8)The outlet of light phase and heavy phase use online voltage regulating structure, and the clarity of light phase and heavy phase can be adjusted flexibly and timely as required.
9)Control panel is clear and intuitive, simple and convenient operation.
The disc separator main component is the bowl, it is composed of bowl body, cover, locking ring, the disc holder, discs, etc. The bowl is made of high strength, anti-corrosion stainless steel material, integral forged by high pressure , four non destructive testing, CNC machineing, to ensure that the separator operates safely and reliably under long time, high load, high speed.
The disc is also the key part of the disc separator.
The fluids feed to 3 phase disc separator with a limit of solids content below 3%, and max solids size smaller than 1mm.
If you need a 3 phase disc separator for light liquid, heavy liquid and solids separation, pls contact with GN solids control. We have models with 1m3/h, 5m3/h, 15m3/h, 20m3/h treating capacity for option.