Working principal of Disc centrifuge

GN produced 3 phase disc centrifuge has been widely used for solids oil water separation of oil sludge treatment system. The working principal is as below:
Centrifuge separation methods include centrifugal sedimentation and centrifugal filtration, and centrifuge sedimentation can realize solid-liquid separation or solid- light liquid – heavy liquid separation. The working principles of two phase horizontal decanter centrifuge, three phase horizontal decanter centrifuge and three phase disc centrifuge produced by GN solids control are all centrifugal sedimentation. Therefore, the density difference between solid particles and light liquid and heavy liquids to be processed should be considered.


The important factors of the separation performance of the centrifuge are the gravity of the separator in the centrifuge bowl and the working area of the bowl. The larger of the bowl working area is, the stronger of the separation capacity is.
For the same oil sludge, its centrifugal sedimentation speed is constant. To improve the separation performance of the centrifuge, it is necessary to increase the working area of the centrifuge bowl. You can increase the number of separation discs, increase the rotation speed, optimize the surface and hardness of the discs, and reduce the bowl vibration (improve the bearing performance, enhance the rubber damping, etc.).

To improve the 3 phase disc centrifuge separation performance, we suggest to reduce the feed material solids content less than 3%, and the max solids size should be less than 100 microns. The material of bowl influence if the bowl can rotate with high speed and improve the disc centrifuge performance. The bowl is made of imported high strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel material, integral forged by high pressure, four non destructive testing, CNC machining, in order to ensure that the disc centrifuge operates safely and reliably.
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