Oily Soil treatment solution in China

As an oil sludge treatment system supplier in China, GN solids control also provide customized oily soil treatment solution. Recently one set of customized Oil Contaminated Soil Washing and Separation system are ready for shipment to our customer. Before feeding to standard oil sludge treatment system, we need to broke the solids into small pieces and mining separation shaker to screen the coarse solids and wash the solids so that the oil sludge became fluidity for easy separation by the oil sludge treatment system.

The crushed solids can be transferred by solids vacuum pump and be diluted in the pre-mixing tank and adding proper chemicals, agitating and mixing, the oil sludge will be transferred to screening module by submersible slurry pump. The solids vacuum pump is 100% air operated pump which needs an air compressor to supply air, it can be operated with automatic mode or manual mode according to their requirement.

There is an separate chemical dosing module to add chemicals in the pre-mixing tank and feed the chemicals to decanter centrifuge and 3 phase disc separator, the automatic chemical preparation and dosing unit is used in the preparation, storage, and dosing of powder chemicals. The single barrel manual dosing system is commonly used for manual injection of chemicals, which has the basic function of continuous and stable dosing. Both of the barrel dosing system and automatic chemical dosing unit are installed inside the container for reliable operation and for sun/rain proof.

The main separation components is the centrifuge separation module, including solids liquid separation decanter centrifuge, 3 phase separation disc separator for oil and water separation. The recovered oil is collected into buffer oil tank, the treated water is stocked into water tank, which can be used in the circulation system. The discharged solids will be collected by waste container for further treatment or final disposal.