Shale shaker used for Micro Tunneling slurry treatment

Besides for oil and gas drilling industry, shale shaker has been widely used for HDD & engineering application, such as HDD, water well drilling, bored pile, micro tunneling, TBM slurry treatment plant.

Micro Tunneling engineering is a type of big hole horizontal drilling, pipe laying while drilling. This is most typical for laying or replacing water pipes under urban buildings and traffic arteries. Firstly dig out the big vertical wellbore, and install the drilling equipment at a certain depth. The location of the open caisson is slightly lower than the equipment level, forming a sedimentation mud pit, which is conducive to the removal of solid phase. The submersible slurry pump feed the slurry to the mud cleaning unit, which consists of a shale shaker, a mud cleaner, a feeding pump and a small mud storage tank.

The HDD and micro tunneling application including river crossing for pipeline laying in the river bottom, road crossing for pipeline laying, fiber optic cable laying. When laying big size pipeline, a reliable solids control system is required, which consist of the high treating capacity shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, etc. when the engineering site is located in residential and commercial areas, the drilled hole size should be as small as possible, the generated drilling fluids and cuttings should be collected by waste box, the required solids removal unit will consist of a small tank, a feed pump and a small shale shaker.
The shale shaker used for trenchless and engineering projects is normally 2 panel shale shaker and 3 panel shale shaker, the model number is GNZS752 and GNZS703. The composite material frame shaker screen is installed on the shale shaker for longer working life.
If you need a mud cleaning/ recycling system for HDD & micro tunneling project, pls contact with GN solids control.