Solids control hydrocyclones equipments

Shale shaker is as the first phase cleaning equipments of drilling rig solids control system, hydrocyclones separation as the second phase cleaning and third phase cleaning equipments of solids control system. Hydrocyclones including 10” desander cone is used to separate solids in the range of 40 microns to 74 microns; 4” desilter cone is used to separate solids in the range of 15 microns to 44 microns. The drop in apex is installed in the taper hole of the pressure nut. The pressing nut can be rotated clockwise to compress the drop in apex to reduce the opening of the drop in apex. Rotate the pressure nut counterclockwise to reduce the pressure on the drop in apex, and restored to its original size. The spray mode can be adjusted by the opening size of the drop in apex during operation.

The hydrocyclones working principal is as below:
The drilling fluids is feed to desander/ desilter cone inlet port by centrifugal pump, causing a whirlpool effect to occur inside the cone, the slurry drives the larger, denser particles outward against the cone wall while the smaller, lighter particles move toward the center of the cone. The low-pressure vortex at the center of the cone drawing in air through the apex at the lower discharge end of the cone. The high-velocity air stream aids the upward flow of liquid and small particles toward the cone’s upper discharge, while the spiraling stream of liquid and larger particles flows downward along the cone wall toward the lower discharge.

The recommend desander and desilter operating pressure varies from different mud weight and specific gravity. The desander cone and desilter cone is made of 100% polyurethane for better abrasion resistance. According to actual requirement, the user can select different quantities of desander cone and desilter cone, the hydrocyclone frame is standard which will installed on top of mud cleaner.