Solids Control Equipment for Offshore Drilling

Solids control equipments are commonly used in land rig drilling project for drilling fluids recycling and cleaning. Properly recycling the drilling fluids could significantly reduce the cost on drilling fluids and the discharged volume of waste cuttings. Offshore drilling also produces drilling cuttings and other waste material need to be treated. Among the material produced, the used drilling fluid is the first one need to be disposed.

There are many places where the solids control equipment would be used, one of that is the equipment used on offshore drilling platform. A very compact flat including all the drilling machinery standing firmly in the sea, when drilling, it will need the drilling fluids recycling system for treating the used drilling fluids. Due the limited space on offshore platform, the driller always adopt the double or triple layers shale shaker as the primary separation on used drilling fluids. The mud cleaning system on offshore platform includes all the necessary equipment comparing with land rig, just working on the sea.

mud recycling system

Almost all the offshore rig platform has enough mud tanks for storage the drilling fluids. However, when there is over much ultra fine solids in the drilling fluids, the drilling fluids is not be able to be used anymore if without any further separation. At this time, this type used drilling fluids need to be transported to land for treatment. The barge ship is used to transport this type drilling fluids from offshore rig platform to the land and provide new and active drilling fluids for the rig. The barge ship need have many mud storage tanks so that it can bring sufficient mud to the offshore rig. The barge ship need also have the mud mixing equipment for mud mixing system on the ship. The mud agitator and mud gun would also be needed for mud mixing system.

More attention should be given to the explosion proof of the motor and control cabinet, as it will be more dangerous if there is a fire on offshore rig or barge ship than on land rig. Thus, the electric components used for offshore should be strictly marin explosion proof standard. The other thing need to be given more attention is sufficient wear parts storage for offshore rig, as we known, it will be much difficult for the drilling to get a small wear part once the equipment shut down. That will be a waste for both time and funds.


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