Solids Control Service for Cyprus Oil Service Company

GN Solids Control not only offer solids control equipment, but also offer solids control equipment test service after sales. In this pattern, GN Solids Control can support on the customers from overseas or domestic.


At the beginning of 2014, one customer from Cyprus who committed herself on oil service and solids control service buy one sets drilling cuttings treatment system to pro-handle the drilling cuttings/drilling waste from offshore rig. They have one plant to storage and treat the drilling waste.


The drilling cuttings treatment/dryness system including below items:

One sets VFD Verti-G dryer, this is replacement for CSI/ Swaco dryer.

One sets VFD Decanter Centrifuge, this is replacement for Derrick DE1000/ Swaco 518 centrifuge. High speed centrifuge can separate fine solids from drilling liquid after treated by Verti-G dryer.

One sets slurry pump which installed on the catch tank between Verti-G dryer and decanter centrifuge. This slurry pump is used for feeding centrifuge.

One set trailer mounted skid to hold all the equipment above.


The working process can be separated briefly as below steps:

Step 1: the drilling cuttings / drilling waste/ drilling sludge can be feed to Verti-G dryer by screw conveyor.

Step 2: the drilling cuttings / drilling waste/ drilling sludge be treated by Verti-G dryer. The operator can adjust the dryness by changing the rotation speed of the screen basket. The VFD control panel can help on it.

Step 3: the liquid parts will go to catch tank for storage; the solids parts can be collected by cuttings box.

Step 4: if the liquid parts is not flowable to be feed for centrifuge, the operator can add some base oil / water to dilute it. Then, use the slurry pump for feeding centrifuge.

Step 5: the centrifuge separate the fine solids from the waste; liquid part go to next equipment, Solids part collected by cuttings box.


GN Solids drilling cuttings treatment system have been exported to Baker Hugher, Nabors Industries, Shell etc. The quality is tested by many jobsite. Click this link you will learn much more:



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