Solids Transfer pump manufacturer in China

As one of solids transfer pump manufacturer in China, GN solids control produce different size of vacuum pumps to meet our customer’s requirement. The vacuum pump can be used as solids transfer pump, mud transfer pump, oil waste / oil sludge transfer pump, waste water transfer pump and other waste such as animal waste, etc.
We have 3 models vacuum pump for option, GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B, GNSP-40B.

2021.08.24 Solids Transfer Pump
The suction process is that the compressed air is sucked in the vacuum tank through the air intake, when the air fulfill the vacuum tank (body ), it produced a genitive pressure in the vacuum tank, which can suck the sludge/ water/ solids from outside to the vacuum tank through the suction port ( material). At the same time, the compressed air is discharged from air vent port . During suction ,air intake valve should be open, air vent valve should be closed. Suction valve should be open, and discharge valve should be closed. There is a timer setting inside the control panel, by which the user can set proper suction time and discharge time according to their experience and material conditions. There are 2 working mode for option, one is automatically operation, one is manual operation, the user can select as per their requirement. Under automatic mode, the vacuum pump will suck and discharge as per the setting time automatically.

2021.08.24 Vacuum Loading Pump
The discharge process is that once suctiton process is finished as per the setting time, the suction valve is closed and discharge valve is open. The vacuum tank valve is closed as a close tank, the air enter into the pump body and push the sludge / fluids/ solids to discharge port, and the air flow out of the pump body.
If you need more information or working video reference of our vacuum pump , pls contact with GN solids control.