Solids Vacuum Pump for offshore drilling

GN brand solids vacuum pump has been widely used to transfer different materials in different industry, like mud tank cleaning, crude oil tank bottom cleaning oil sludge, drilling cuttings for both onshore and offshore drilling platform, drilling waste, oil contaminated soil, sand, dredging slurry, industrial waste slurry, etc, it also can be used to clean the cabin, tank top and other drilling site area with the small model vacuum cleaner unit.

GN solids vacuum pump have 3 models for your option GNSP-40B with 40m3/h, GNSP-20B with 20m3/h, GNSP-10B with 10m3/h. The small size pump allowed solids size is max 50mm, max suction distance is 50m, max discharge distance is up to 500m, the max solids content is 80%; The Air Demand is 8m3/min (280 CFM).
The bigger size GNSP-40B pump with max allowed solids size is 75mm, max suction distance is 50m, the max discharge distance is 1000m, the max solids content allowed is 80%. Air demand is 17m3/min (600CFM).
The user should provide an air compressor for air supply to the vacuum pump, it is a 100% air operated pump, it is suitable for offshore drilling platform because electricity power is limited there. Compared with screw conveyor transfer system, vacuum pump can transfer much more long distance, no power consumption, less maintenance cost and spare parts cost, less cost, less space requirement, offshore drilling platform is normally with limit space, screw conveyor transfer system is hardly to be installed there, then several units of solids vacuum pump unit can be installed easily.
If you are interested in GN vacuum pump, pls contact with sales engineer and fill in the question list to check if it can be used or not. For working video and operation video of GN vacuum pump, pls check our website or get it from our sales:

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