The Need to Know Regard on Mud Cleaner

Check power voltage to see if normal before turn the motor on.
Check all the bolts are properly tighten before turn the motor on.
Check all the shaker screen are properly secure with wedge block.
Check if  there is any foreign objects on the shale shaker.
When the cleaner operate at normal condition , there should be minimum  noise and  the operation should be smooth and steady, if there is any unusual noise, stop and check the equipment immediately.
If the connection cable between vibration motor and the control panel has been changed because of maintenance or changing motor, the cleaner will not  work effectively. It needs take off the shield at the end of the vibration motor, connect the power and observe whether the rotation directions of the two vibration motors are opposite direction. If not, then it needs adjust to be opposite direction.
When change the vibration motor, adjust the rotate  blocks on the two vibration motors to be consistent.
After tighten the bolts of vibration motor, have a check every 8 hours, if there is any loosen, tighten it.
When the vibration used for about 500 hours, inject some of specific lubricant grease(about 80g).
The control switch is explosion-proof, do not open if not necessary. If need to check for issue,  it needs turn off the power first. When check the equipment for possible issue, do not be neglected details or wrong installed, to guarantee the explosion-proof.
The wedge of shaker screen should be checked each 8 hour, if there is any issue of loosen, tighten it on time.
With compact the shaker screen, the tension force of each bolt is 5KN.
When the cleaner is used for 1000 hours, some lubricating grease should be injected into the grease box.
If the springs damaged, change the springs as soon as possible. When changing the springs, the screen box should be raised, and put the springs on the spring bases, then ease-down the screen box.

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