GN solids control is a professional manufacturer for mud mixing tank system for both HDD & CBM mud recycling system and oil & gas drilling solids control system, liquid mud plant.

16.08.19 Mud Mixing System
Recently we are going to ship 4 tanks mud mixing tank system to our client, together with a separate jet mud mixer unit with a powder adding hopper with operation table. The working principal is as below:
The separate jet mud mixer system can mix the drilling fluids for any of the 4 mud tanks, The jet mud mixer unit including oilfield skid with mixing hopper, mixing centrifugal pump, electrical control panel and pipelines, there us a chemical adding hopper on top of the bottom mixing hopper, the purpose is to mix the drilling fluids better and the chemical powder can be adding by folk lift and lots of chemical bags could be put on the hopper frame for convenient operation. The normal jet mud mixer unit with only the bottom hopper and mixing hopper, the top hopper frame is specially designed for this client. This is not his first order.

16.08.19 Mud Mixing System
The total tank volume is 120m3, we can design customized mud mixing tank for client’s different requirement according to their required storage volume. The mud mixing tank could be used as storage tank and mixing tank.
We had designed and manufactured hundreds of mud mixing tank system in India and Indonesia, some of them are single tank mixing system, some of the projects are multi tanks mixing system, and the tank size could be loading inside the sea freight container or same dimension with the standard container.
Except for mud mixing tank system, GN also produced mud recycling system/ mud cleaning system for HDD & CBM, trenchless projects. Pls contact with GN solids sales engineer with your detailed requirement.

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