Drilling cuttings transfer system manufacturer in China

As one of the professional manufacturer of solids control equipments and drilling waste management system in China, GN solids control also design and produce drilling cuttings transfer system based on different drilling rig floor plan. Basically the way to transfer drilling waste including screw conveyor system, cuttings vacuum pump and cuttings transfer pump.
1) Screw conveyor system: it is widely used to collect and transfer drilling waste from solids control equipments to drilling waste management system, but it is also limited when liquid moisture is very high, it is easily leakage and flow back, and the space requirement is too big, especially for offshore rig, when space is very limited, and power consumption is higher compared with other ways. But it is more popular way right now. There are 2 installation ways, the first one is to use the excavator to dump the drilling waste to the collection hopper of the screw conveyor when there is a waste pit, then the screw conveyor transfer the drilling waste to vertical cuttings dryer ( for oil based drilling waste) or high G drying shaker( for water based drilling cuttings). The second installation way is that there is no waste pit at rig site, the screw convetor ( horizontally installed) to collect the drilling waste from shale shaker, desander, desilter, then a slantly installed screw conveyor to transfer them to the drilling waste management system.
2) Vacuum pump can be used to transfer drilling cuttings from waste pit to screw conveyor collection hopper, or transfer to vertical cuttings dryer directly, an air compressor is required to supply air to operate the vacuum pump, since the required air compressor model is very big, which limited the utilization of the vacuum pump, but the space required is small.
3) Cuttings transfer pump is a new pump introduced for cuttings transfer when space is very limited. For more information, pls contact with GN solids control.

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